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What are cookies?

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This information retrieved must always respect the user’s privacy, so we have tried to make reforms to the regulation of the Privacy Law, creating a new community and national regulation to safeguard the interests of natural or legal persons who use a service within the information society.

How can we remove cookies?

All browsers usually have the option to view, delete and block cookies installed on the client computer. If you want to delete cookies installed on your computer, we recommend that you use a web search engine (for example, and perform a search with the following terms: “delete cookies in xxx” (without quotes) and replace xxx with the browser’s name. In order to make your task easier, below are direct links to information on how to delete cookies in major browsers:

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Through the Kian Design Studio website, no personal data is collected without your knowledge, nor are they transferred to third parties. The contact form in the “Contact” section is intended to provide information to those who require it from Kian Design Studio’s activities.

The website’s contact form is purely informative, without, in any case, any binding legal effect being derived from the answer. Kian Design Studio, in compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of personal data, seeks the total privacy of the personal data of its customers and users. We take this opportunity to inform you that Kian Design Studio does not transfer data that our customers and users have provided to any entity or organization.